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Be Informed

There is a lot of bad information out there on auto glass.


If you feel as though you are paying too much for your current coverage and would like advice from another agent contact Jason at Catalyst Insurance Management, LLC.

Know Your Rights

As an insured consumer, it is your right in the state of Florida to choose the facility that performs your auto glass replacement, not the insurance companies.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

In the state of Florida, covers repair and/or replacement of the windshield without being applied to the deductable. Some insurance companies offer complete glass coverage, for tempered pieces. Speak to you insurance agent.

Repair or Replace

A bulls eye, chip or star break not in the drivers direct line of vision is most likely repairable. Damage in the primary drivers view area should be replaced. Damage larger than a dollar bill should be replaced. Damage on the edge should also be replaced.

OEM Glass

Original Equipment Manufacturer. This glass is ordered from the dealership. Some brands, such as Carlite and Mopar are readily available through the wholesale glass distributors. OEM glass has the auto manufacturers insignia (logo) on the glass.

Aftermarket Glass

Some manufacturers of aftermarket glass produce top quality glass. Some are the producers of the OEM glass in your vehicle. Others produce glass that is not OEM for any automotive manufacturer and only sold in the aftermarket market realm.

National Windshield Repair Division (NWRD)

We are an active member of the NWRD and are 100% certified. We adhere to the mission of the NWRD. Visit their web site at: www.nwrassn.org

ADAS Recalibration

We are certifed Opti-Aim recalibration experts. You need your safety systems recalibrated after a windshield replacement. Opti-Aim's Website


Our repairs are powered by Glasweld. We are Glasweld certified. Glasweld is a manufacturer of glass repair equipment for over twenty-five years, worldwide. GlasWeld's Website

Dow Automotive

Superior OEM-quality products. Urethane glass bonding adhesives in more than 30 million factory installations per year. We have earned Dow Automotive Qualified Training.

Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC)

A committee of install professionals, glass manufacturers, automotive manufacturers and adhesive manufacturers to ensure the proper installation of automobile glass. They have created a Safety Standard for automotive glass replacement, AGRSS, in partnership with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). We are certified by AGSC and adhere to the standards on every replacement. AGSC's Website

Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standards

We follow the standards of ROGLAS. ROLAGS's Website

We Work With The Best

We only work with the best brands in the auto glass industry.

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